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The Science of Massage

A great massage comes from much more than just the jets. There are three main components that go into making the perfect massage; the pumps, the plumbing, and the jets. All three of these components need to be right to produce the best massage. If the pumps aren’t strong enough then the jets will never have enough power. If the plumbing is not designed properly then the power generated by the pumps will not make it to the jets.

Evergreen Pumps and Plumbing

  • Hydrotherapy is about flow rate (gallons per minute – GPM), not horsepower (HP). Horsepower is a measurement of how much electricity a pump motor uses, not how much water it can move.
  • Designed to produce the most efficient flow rate in the industry, Hydropool’s Evergreen pumps are 26% more efficient than the competitors
  • Hydropool Evergreen pump impellers have wider, deeper blades. This allows them to produce a larger flow of water while using less electricity, saving you money on your energy bill!
  • A 4hp Hydropool Evergreen jet pump will produce a flow rate of 180gpm, versus our competitors which produce a flow rate between 100gpm and 140gpm.
  • Minimized plumbing and no 90° elbows in our plumbing means more of that power goes straight to the jets.

Hydroflow Jets

  • Designed to produce the best flow rates in the industry.
  • Build your own custom massage! With 8 different styles of massage available in four standard sizes, you can customize your seats for your ideal massage. Simply remove the jets you don’t want with a counterclockwise turn and add in your preferred jets. For the first 90 days you own your hot tub we will even exchange your unwanted jets for free!
  • Bearing jets can clog and scale up, stopping the rotational motion of the nozzles and stopping air flow. Hydropool’s bearingless shaft style jets produce many different types of “action”, without the need for bearings, eliminating scaling issues and vastly increasing the lifespan of the jet.
  • Our exclusively designed zoned jetting system delivers a targeted, soothing massage to relieve the most common ailments affecting hot tub owners.

Eight Different Massages in One Hot Tub!

Resonator Jet

Steady Waving Dual System

Twin Roto Jet

Steady Pulsating Dual Stream

Single Roto Jet

Steady Pulsating Single Stream

Accupressure Jet

Pressure Ball Activated

Rifle Jet

Enhanced Steady Stream

Massage Jet

Steady Pulsating System

Multi Massage Jet

Multi Streamed Shower

Volcano Jet

High Volume Large Stream

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