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Hydropool Hot Tubs

Since 1980 Hydropool has been manufacturing hot tubs right here in Canada. Now sold in over 40 countries worldwide they exceed all international energy efficiency standards. Their industry-leading Self-Cleaning filtration system and Triple Thermal Shield insulation enable them to meet the rigorous energy efficiency standards set out by the California Energy Commission (CEC), and are the world’s first CEC-approved hot tub and swim spa manufacturer.


The easiest hot tub in the world to maintain! Hydropool hot tubs clean 100% of the water in only 15 minutes utilizing pressurized, commercial grade filtration technology. Hydropool also incorporates their patented HydroClean Plus floor vacuum system to remove dirt and debris giving you clean and crystal clear with less work and less cost!

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The easiest way to sanitize for a hot tub! Enjoy the cleanliness of bromine without the harshness.
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Energy Efficient

With their Hydrowise Thermal Shield insulation, Self-Cleaning filtration, and low amperage Evergreen pumps Hydropool have the most energy efficient hot tubs in the industry!

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See how Hydropool delivers the best massage in the industry! Using their high flow, low amperage Evergreen pumps, high flow bearing-less jets and their optimized manifold style plumbing Hydropool create a reliable, consistent, and strong massage for every seat.

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