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Hydropool Swim Spas

Since 1995 Hydropool has been manufacturing swim spas right here in Canada. Now sold in over 40 countries worldwide they exceed all international energy efficiency standards. Their industry leading Self-Cleaning filtration system and Triple Thermal Shield insulation enable them to meet the rigorous energy efficiency standards set out by the California Energy Commission (CEC), and were the world’s first CEC-approved hot tub and swim spa manufacturer.

Salt Water

The easiest way to sanitize your swim spa! Enjoy the cleanliness of bromine without the harshness.

Energy Efficiency

With their Hydrowise Thermal Shield insulation, Self-Cleaning filtration, and low amperage Evergreen pumps Hydropool have the most energy efficient swim spa in the industry!

Perfect Swim

See how Hydropool use their powerful AquaBoost pumps, optimized plumbing and proprietary swim jets to create the perfect swim!


The easiest swim spa in the world to maintain! By cleaning all of the water in their swim spas in only 40 minutes, and using their patented HydroClean Plus floor vacuum to clean up dirt and debris Hydropool swim spas will stay clean and crystal clear with less work, and less cost!

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Why Choose Us?

  • All of our swim spas are made in Canada
  • The only Self Cleaning swim spas in the industry!
  • The most energy efficient swim spas in the industry!
  • The widest, smoothest, and most powerful swim lane in the industry!
  • Our swim spas are fully customizable to fit your precise needs