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Energy Efficiency

Hydropool hot tubs are engineered to be the most energy efficient hot tub in the world! Our Hydrowise insulation system insulates the shell of the hot tub, to keep the heat in the hot tub water, as well as the floor and cabinet of the hot tub. By insulating the floor and cabinet we can both protect the hot tub's equipment and make use of the waste heat from it's pumps and heater.

A hot tub pump creates 1.5kW's of waste heat, that's an average of $0.14 of heat being lost every hour the pumps are on, or around $300-400 a year! Hydropool's thermal shield blanket reflects 90-97% of that heat back to the water, saving you big on your energy bill!

However, insulation is just one component of a hot tub's energy efficiency. Our exclusive Self-Cleaning filtration allows us to filter all of the water in our hot tubs in 15 minutes or less, giving our pumps the lowest run times in the industry! Our Evergreen jet pumps are also an average of 26% more efficient than the competition!

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Why Choose Us?

  • All of our hot tubs are made in Canada
  • The only Self Cleaning hot tub in the industry!
  • The most energy efficient hot tubs in the industry!
  • Our hot tubs are fully customizable to fit your precise needs
  • Free water testing and in home spa school for all new hot tub owners!