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Which Swim Spa Current System Should You Choose?

When buying a swim spa one of the most important things to consider is the swim current. With so many different manufacturers offering so many different swim current systems, knowing exactly which are ...
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Swim Spa Installation Ideas

With every year that passes, swim spas are becoming more and more popular. Their ease of maintenance, low running costs and ability to be used year-round make them an ideal alternative to traditional ...
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Swim Spa Basics

The fastest rising category in the pool and hot tub industry is swim spas. But what are swim spas anyway? In this article, we will explore what swim spas are, why they have become popular and what to ...
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17 Cross Training Exercises For Swim Spas

While often dismissed as only being for elderly people, exercising in water offers a range of benefits to people of all ages and fitness levels. Given their size and ability to add variable resistance ...
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